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Healthy Youth Survey 2023

is coming- what it is and what it tells us about youth mental health in Washington state.

What’s Bigorexia?

The signs to look for in eating disorders for teen boys.

New term, who’s this? “Digital Immigrant”

Experts divide on screen time limits

The White House centers mental health in the State of the Union

The “no wrong door” clinic ‘open to everyone

regardless of severity of need or insurance status, and care will be available 24/7 with no appointment required.
Read more about the 24hr Crisis Response Center coming 2024.


Say Cheese for Advocacy!

Kids Mental Health WA joined NAMI with over 80 advocates to meet with over 100 legislators to lobby for systemic reform and support.

What is digital self-harm and what can parents do?

Read more here.

You’ll see a familiar KMHWA webinar speaker on A Mindful State

– see Tovah talk about her work educating educators, working with parents being treated unfairly in school systems, and how she connects with families. You’ll also find other expert advice, personal stories, resources, and tools.

March is Self-harm awareness month.

What the data tells us, what to look for, and what to do. Learn more here.

Through March 31st: The $5 million Washington Family Relief Fund

can provide low-income families up to $250 per child in your household. Learn more on eligibility and how to apply.

93 percent of cyberbullying victims

reported negative mental health effects, primarily feelings of sadness and hopelessness.’ Learn how to help here.”

College admissions time is here –

but how do you navigate teen rejection depression? Real time ways here.

Removal of DATA Waiver (X-Waiver) Requirement –

Read more about changes to Law changes updates Opioid Use Disorder prescribing practices here.


National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Child, Youth, and Family Mental Health presents

Talking to Youth about Police Violence, Mass Shootings, & Racism

15 most common warning signs of teen mental health issue

Red Flags in Teenage Behavior | Newport Academy Resources

Aggression, self-harm, property destruction,

and other challenging behaviors are some of the most difficult aspects of autism.
Fortunately there are Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies that are effective at addressing challenging behaviors.”

Kids Mental Health WA reader resource share:

Underage Drinking and Its Dangers – Brown & Crouppen Law Firm (

Panic Attacks:

what to look for and what it means 

A recent study reveals helpful data on the

Rising rate of mental health ED visits

and revisits at children’s hospitals.” Read more (hyperlink These Patients Are Most Likely to Visit to the ED for Mental Health

NYT Article:

Many parents bring children to emergency rooms to manage aggressive behaviors. But the visits offer little long-term benefit, doctors said.

Native and Strong: 9-8-8 line launches

Nation’s first Native and Strong Lifeline Launches as Part of 988 | Washington State Department of Health

One of our state’s three 988 crisis centers, this line is available for people who call the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline and is specifically for Washington’s American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Calls are answered by Native crisis counselors who are tribal members and descendants closely tied to their communities. The Native and Strong Lifeline counselors are fully trained in crisis intervention and support, with special emphasis on cultural and traditional practices related to healing.

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informs and provides oversight for high-level policy-making, program planning, decision-making, and for the implementation of this agreement, including the implementation of Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe).”Family Youth System Partner Round Table (FYSPRT) | Washington State Health Care Authority

Track a bill

Bill Info Detailed Legislative Reports (

Find your legislator

Washington State Legislature

Governor proclamation:

“Many of Washington’s children and youth are experiencing a significant mental and behavioral health crisis”- Washington state declares Children and Youth Mental Health Crisis Governor Inslee Emergency Proclamation: Child and Youth Mental Health Crisis

1 year into

“declaring the youth mental health crisis a national emergency”

– read more from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Children’s hospitals have seen a

steep rise in the number of emergency department (ED) and inpatient visits for suicidal thoughts or self-harm, with visits more than doubling since 2016.” Learn more from Children’s Hospital Association Focusing on Children’s Mental Health (

Key bipartisan bills

introduced in the House and Senate provide much-needed investment in the nation’s mental health infrastructure for children” Read more here: Addressing Kids’ Mental Health in Congress (

For the 2022 legislative session, the

Children and Youth Behavioral Health Work Group (CYBHWG)

recommended the development of a Statewide Prenatal through 25 Behavioral Health Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan)… The goal of the strategic plan is to develop longer term, system-wide strategies to ensure access to high-quality equitable care and supports in behavioral health education and promotion, prevention, intervention, recovery and ongoing well-being….” Get current updates here  Prenatal through 25 Behavioral Health Strategic Plan – Advisory Committee Kickoff (

Telehealth Expands

– what it is and what it covers Telehealth and behavioral health |

Share your events with us!

Contact Program Coordinator, Gina Cabiddu

Ongoing Trainings and Events

Open positions:

Elevate Health is seeking applicants for their Finance and Operations Accounting Manager. Learn more here.

Calling Coordinated Care provider

Spots going fast for the FREE March Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) training in Wenatchee. Learn more about the training and registration requirements here. TF-CBT Certification Program – Official Website (

Interested but not a Coordinated Care provider? Click here Training – Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certification Program (

Families and caregivers

– want training and resources for how to navigate systems including “mental health and substance use, as well as other disabilities and challenges within the educational and judicial systems and more?”

Visit Washington State Community Connectors –

Now Matters Now

Skills, tools, trainings for preventing, addressing, and learning about suicidal thoughts

University of Michigan presents Breaking Down Mental Health

– a podcast to discuss mental health topics from the “very basic to the more complex, to better prepare all providers to answer the call to action during this mental health crisis within our pediatric population.”